Kenwood TS-870 parts list updated


just a quick note that we have updated the stock levels for Kenwood TS-870 parts:

click here



New in: Yaesu FT-890 parts

New in: Yaesu FT-890 parts


all parts are in stock and fully working as usual

The listing starts tonight on Ebay UK

or right now here:

get them while you can

P1030710 P1030720 P1030718 P1030725

Kenwood TS-570D parts

Newsflash: Just in, Kenwood TS-570D parts, all in good working order. Available from our online shop or in our Ebay shop hifissb.
Get them while you can!



Last Chance For Kenwood TS-530 Parts

Last Chance For Kenwood TS-530 Parts Folks!

We are clearing all left parts for the Kenwood TS-530 and TS-830 range of transceivers. Whatever is left in working condition has been listed on Ebay UK.

Get them while you can!


PA Board for the TS-830 & TS-530

PA Board for the TS-830 & TS-530

Product update

Hi folks,

although we always had large quantities of spares for Yaesu’s FT-221R in stock, we never bothered to list them on our website.

I finally got round to add them, take a look!



Product of the month: Icom IC-756 LCD Screen

Product of the month: Icom IC-756 LCD Screen

This is a rare chance to get hold of a mint condition LCD screen for the early IC-756. Many early models suffer from horizontal lines on the display. This unit comes from a later serial number and is fine.

Get one while you can folks! Listed on Ebay UK



Product of the month: S.E.M. Tran “Z” Match

S.E.M. Tran “Z” Match

if you are looking for a fully balanced z-match antenna tuner then look no further:

this S.E.M. unit is clean and fully working and tunes your doublet from 160 to 10 meters

There is no manual but if you need one than this is NOT for you

£129 & shipping to you country, just ask:


Product of the Month: Bob Heil PR 781 Studio Microphone

Probably one of the best microphones available for Amateur Radio, The Heil PD 781 Dynami Studio Microphone

This one comes from a non-smoker, is clean, boxed and comes with windshield

Soon to be listed on our website and on Ebay UK

£135 used, what you see is what you get. get in touch if you want it before it gets listed026

Product of the month

Tono 5000E RTTY terminal


watch out for my Ebay listing for this rare terminal

complet with manual and keybaord.

Hard to get these days!

Check out the video


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