Ikea in the shack

Many people asked what kind of shelving I use here to house my equipment, the answer is: Ikea. The u-shaped desk is from the office section. The frame under the table top is steel and won’t bend without a fight. The legs are strong and height-adjustable. The shelving on top … Continue reading

Drake L7 & Icom AT-500 for sale

Still available, will ship to the US! (20th of June, 2014) Hello Folks, a dear friend of mine, Dave, G0MJK has the above items for sale, both linear and antenna tuner are rare these days and they work very well. The items are located in Northampton (UK) and you can … Continue reading

Kenwood TS-450S parts

Hello folks, I have now added Kenwood TS-450 parts to our catalogue, get them while you can! 73 de M0GER

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