Drake TR-4C Transceiver on Ebay UK

In case anybody is interested, I just listed a Drake TR-4C vintage transceiver on Ebay UK It’s a restauration project and requires some attention I believe. Unfortunately i do not have the right power supply and lead for it and can’t power it up. The rig looks complete and I … Continue reading

Hustler BTV-4 and Hustler BTV-6 vertical antennas for sale

Hi all, I have the above antennas for sale but due to the size of the tubing they have to be collected. The BTV-6 has the DX-Engineering antenna socket (SO239) fitted. Both antennas are straight and complete. The BTV-4 is £60, the BTV-6 is £80. Get in touch, exchange for … Continue reading

M2 EB144 Eggbeater antennas wanted

Anybody out there who has a pair of M2 Eggbeater antennas for sale? I am looking for the 144 and 432MHz versions with groundplane rods. Even if you don’t have yours up for sale let me know what you think of them please, I am very interested. I am also … Continue reading

Kenwood TS-850 parts

Just a quick note to let everybody know that all Kenwood TS-850 parts will be added on Ebay UK at 19.00 tonight. Soon to follow are Yaesu FT-101ZD and FT-901 parts. Parts for Kenwood TS-820 are alos available including the rare frequency display unit. Also to come: a Drake R8E … Continue reading

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