How to install a PL259 plug correctly


Hello all,

welcome to my new blog!

As you can guess I will try to promote my website  here, but I will also make sure that you will find useful hints and tricks here from time to time. I don’t know yet where this is going but let’s just get started with something important:

Your antenna plug, the UHF or PL259 plug!

Nearly every radio amateur has one at the end of the feed line, but only few bother to install it correctly. hands up: who out there still only solders the tip of the coax to the centre connector and doesn’t bother with the shield? We have all done it, just threading the outer shield into the plug seems fine at first, but it si not going to last long. You might get away with it inside your shack, but on the outside you NEED TO SOLDER  the plug to the shield. Rather than explaining how to do it, just pay attention to the excellent video, courtesy of Ten Tec USA. Thanks to Scott, W4PA

Just try a couple of times and you’ll get the hang of it.

Good luck,


Reinhard, M0GER

Product update

Hi folks,

although we always had large quantities of spares for Yaesu’s FT-221R in stock, we never bothered to list them on our website.

I finally got round to add them, take a look!



Product of the month: Icom IC-756 LCD Screen

Product of the month: Icom IC-756 LCD Screen

This is a rare chance to get hold of a mint condition LCD screen for the early IC-756. Many early models suffer from horizontal lines on the display. This unit comes from a later serial number and is fine.

Get one while you can folks! Listed on Ebay UK



Product of the month: S.E.M. Tran “Z” Match

S.E.M. Tran “Z” Match

if you are looking for a fully balanced z-match antenna tuner then look no further:

this S.E.M. unit is clean and fully working and tunes your doublet from 160 to 10 meters

There is no manual but if you need one than this is NOT for you

£129 & shipping to you country, just ask:


Product of the Month: Bob Heil PR 781 Studio Microphone

Probably one of the best microphones available for Amateur Radio, The Heil PD 781 Dynami Studio Microphone

This one comes from a non-smoker, is clean, boxed and comes with windshield

Soon to be listed on our website and on Ebay UK

£135 used, what you see is what you get. get in touch if you want it before it gets listed026

Product of the month

Tono 5000E RTTY terminal


watch out for my Ebay listing for this rare terminal

complet with manual and keybaord.

Hard to get these days!

Check out the video


Ikea in the shack

Many people asked what kind of shelving I use here to house my equipment, the answer is: Ikea.

The u-shaped desk is from the office section. The frame under the table top is steel and won’t bend without a fight. The legs are strong and height-adjustable. The shelving on top comes from the “Besta” range. Light, easy to assemble and can be extended. I just buy the bare units, no doors, no drawers.

Over the years the set-up got a bit messy and I decided to have a tidy up and get some new shelving for the top. Here is what it used to look like and you get my point. The monitors on top are hard to view: Im wear varyfocal glasses these days and could only see the monitors twisting my head all the way back – terrible for digital work or log-keeping.

Messy and hard to view monitors

Messy and hard to view monitors


I started by removing the equipment and the old shelves, only my Kenwood TL-922A amplifier was left behind. Too heavy to shift and the relay got sticky and needed cleaning or replacement anyway.

only my amp stays on the table, gone are the shelves

only my amp stays on the table, gone are the shelves

As it turned out the relay could just be cleaned and  is now good for another 5 years or so, no worries there.

Here are the 2 new units waiting for the equipment to be fitted. I have chosen single units with glide pads under the feet. Now they can be easily turned around, even if heavy radios are fitted. Great for wiring it all up. Many transceivers have been dropped when people tried to pull them off a shelf in order to plug in some leads into the back!

2 single units for easy access to the back of my heavy equipment

2 single units for easy access to the back of my heavy equipment

In goes the equipment. A little bit tight and I might have to add an additional fan unit to keep the IC-781 cool. The PSU can get very hot. According to Chris at Icom UK nothing to worry about – maybe I shouldn’t worry then…

Easy to hook up now

Easy to hook up now

The double monitor stand is in position to take the 2 23 inch monitors

double monitor stand bought for £20 on Amazon

double monitor stand bought for £20 on Amazon

Everything works perfectly without having to re-do anything. I haven’t yet set up my speaker yet, I do that next weekend. If you are after a good quality speaker for your hamradio station, stay away from those that mach your transceivers. They are all overpriced and sound terrible. Get yourself a good quality centre speaker from a suround-system, they work great. I use a KEF Coda 80 myself and it sounds excellent! £30 was all I paid on Ebay. A rack mixer and a small audio amp feed the audio of all my rigs to it. I might add a BHI DSP filter very soon, a great British product.

The equipment: LDG AT-1000 auto tuner Array Solutions power and SWR meter Ameritron ampkeyer Kenwood TL-922A amplifier Yaesu FT-2000 with DMU Icom IC-775 Icom IC-781 Icom IC-970

The equipment:
LDG AT-1000 auto tuner
Array Solutions power and SWR meter
Ameritron ampkeyer
Kenwood TL-922A amplifier
Yaesu FT-2000 with DMU
Icom IC-775
Icom IC-781
Icom IC-970:
Kenwood TMD-700:
KEF Coda 80 centre speaker
BHI Desktop DSP speaker
Yaesu MD-200:
Heil ICM
Vibroplex Speed Racer
Bencher paddle







Drake L7 & Icom AT-500 for sale

Still available, will ship to the US! (20th of June, 2014)

Hello Folks,

a dear friend of mine, Dave, G0MJK has the above items for sale, both linear and antenna tuner are rare these days and they work very well.

The items are located in Northampton (UK) and you can contact Dave via email:

He wants a very reasonable £600 for the linear and £300 for the automatic tuner. Before you ask: that’s for the tuner only, no interface lead provided (you don’t need one anyway)..


Reinhard, M0GER

The mighty Drake L7 linear amplifier

The mighty Drake L7 linear amplifier

0th June


We get about 20 requests every week for various types of crystals. I don’t sell individual crystals in the moment, but these nice folks can make any crystal you want:

I used them myself in the past and was very happy with the speed, price and quality


Yaesu FT-1000MP parts added

Hello folks,

we have now added Yaesu FT-1000MP parts to our catalogue.

All units are clean and from a smoke free shack, needless to say that all boards and parts are in fully working condition.


Looking for 19 inch racks


I am looking for 6 identical 19 inch racks about 16 to 20u in height. If anyone around Milton Keynes UK can help get in touch. They need to be of the heavy duty variety because I intend to rack-mount heavy Icom HF equipmeny!

I just listed a great HF receiver on Ebay, the small but mighty JRC NRF-345.

Check it out!

Icom and Yaesu Fasteners

Very often customers ask us to supply those little black fasteners that hold the top lid of vintage Yaesu and Icom gear down.

Over the years UV light makes them brittle and we cannot sell them. They wouild break as soon as you’d try to use them.

Look out on Ebay, search the automotive section and look for “bumper fastener”.

Goor luck!


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