Yaesu FT-1000MP MK V, 200 Watt Parts added

Yaesu FT-1000MP MK V, 200 Watt Parts added


Good news, after many requests I have now added the above parts to our website www.hifissb.com

As always: get them while you can!

Please note that many of these parts are also used in the earlier FT-1000MP and the field.

Most of them are easy to fit, but many are sensitive to static and come in a conductive bag for a reason. Take precaution before you fit any parts!


For good quality Ham Radio products check out this link:



New in: Yaesu FT-890 parts

New in: Yaesu FT-890 parts


all parts are in stock and fully working as usual

The listing starts tonight on Ebay UK

or right now here:


get them while you can

P1030710 P1030720 P1030718 P1030725

Kenwood TS-570D parts

Newsflash: Just in, Kenwood TS-570D parts, all in good working order. Available from our online shop www.hifissb.com or in our Ebay shop hifissb.
Get them while you can!



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